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Challenges between top 10 & No-Show rules were updated. Make sure to read them before your next match.


Fair Play

We ask that all FIFA gamers conduct themselves like mature and respectful adults. Our mission is to provide FIFA gamers a place where they can play FIFA and enjoy themselves in a safe and competitive ANTI-CHEAT environment. We do not tolerate player abuse, racial profiling, insults and cheating. Always play fair and treat others like you want to be treated.

Before Joining the Ladder

To get started you will need to read the Rules and the Getting Started Guide. You will need to use our FL Messenger to communicate with other registered players.

Forbidden Rules

Forbidden Rules at a Glance
1. No customized or edited tactics formations
2. Kick-off: Must begin with a pass back
3. No time wasting in your own half
4. No quitting if an opponent is found cheating
5. No excessive pausing

No quitting after a Forbidden Move/Glitch/Cheat: You are not allowed to leave the match if your opponent did a forbidden move/Cheat/Bug. You must complete the full match. If your opponent did not play by the rules, you have to send a protest. All goals scored using a Forbidden Move will not count, you must provide proof to help us make a decision.

Backward Pass: Players must kick-off with a Backward Pass at the beginning of each half and after each goal is scored. Goals scored from half field and sprinting towards opponent's goal after a kick-off will not count and players will receive a -5 penalty points + Yellow card warning. (a video proof is required if protesting)

Long Shot Goal after a Kick-Off: You are not allowed to take a shot trying to score a goal after a kick-off. Goals scored from this area will not count, if your opponent has broken this rule, they will be deducted -1 goal and -5 penalty points + Yellow card warning. You also must submit a protest with proof.

Excessive Pausing: Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited. Please avoid sending messages while playing unless you are experiencing a problem. To avoid unfair play, pause the game only when you are in a safe zone or in a dead-ball cituation.

Wasting Time in Your Own Half: You are not allowed to waste time by passing the ball in your own half of the field for more than 10 in-game minutes. This will be treated as cheating and time wasting.

Quitting: Quitting is only allowed at the start of the match if you noticed that your opponent is using a custom formation, Quit the match and let your opponent know that he has broken the rules, go back into the game with the correct settings. You can't quit a match after a goal has been scored.

Game Settings & Meeting Place

PS4 and Xbox matches must be played under "Online Friendlies" with the following settings:

Half Length: 6 Mins
Controls: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online

Tip #1: The challenger is responsible for sending the game invite.
Tip #2: With your mobile phone, take a photo of your screen after each goal scored to avoid getting cheated.
Tip #3: If possible record your matches using the PS4 Share function for every match - this is your BEST PROOF if anything goes wrong.
Tip #4: In case of a draw, you will need to replay the full match until there is a winner.

No Show

A player has 15 minutes to show and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a 3-0 forfeit. Players are responsible for the scheduled date and time of the match.

To receive a no-show win, you must report 3-0 after the scheduled match time has expired. You must also submit a protest for all no-show matches, provide proof that your opponent did not show, allowed proof are: Photo of PSN or XBOX chat log, Match up Lobby Chat Log or Video. All proof must show time, date, player gamer tag. No proof, no win and your match will be deleted with penalty points against you for false reporting.

FIFA Leagues Time Zone

Our time zone is UK GMT Time (follow the time clock located at the top left corner of the web site)


ANTI-Cheat Challenges

Challenges: Any participant may challenge each other no matter if a player is ranked or still in the newcomer pool. The challenge may be refused by the other player if he/she wishes to do so. Challenger is allowed to challenge without asking because you are able to change the challenge date and time if you do not agree with it.

Challenges between top 10: If both players are positioned within the ladder's top 10, matches between the two players are obligatory, rejecting the challenge or ignoring it for more than 24 hours will result in -10 penalty points. The challenger is allowed to challenge without asking as long as the challenge is scheduled 24 hours ahead. You can suggest a new date and time if you can't meet the requested time and then accept the match. The new time must be set after the original match time. If your opponent does not show up, then submit a protest and challenge will be deleted. Failure to not follow instructions will result in penalty points.

5 open challenges: Players that have more than 5 outstanding challenges, no matter if the matches are confirmed or not, may not take on any further challenges. This is scripted into the FIFA Leagues System and cannot be changed by individual players.

Only 5 matches is allowed between two participants within 7 days. After a player has been challenged, further challenges between the two players are blocked for 7 days. After this, the player can be challenges once again.

Support & Protest

Team Selections

Playing My Matches

Playing the Same Players

Only 3 matches are allowed between two participants within 7 days. After a player has been challenged, further challenges between the two players are blocked for 7 days. After this, the player can be challenges once again. This rule prevents players from playing the same player for easy points.

Member Accounts

Not Playing/Inactive

30 Days Inactivity:
If you have not played in 30 consecutive days your account will automatically become inactive. All your account details will be kept intact, however you will be removed from the ladder until you have become active again. To become active again, simply play a ladder game.

5 days inactive rule:
If you do not play for 5 days you will be deducted -25 points from your ladder rating. This is for all members in the top 25.


It is possible that you or your opponent may be disconnected from the game or the internet entirely before your match is finished. You must communicate with your opponent and play a new match only the time remaining on the clock. You can't submit the result if your opponent has quit or disconnected from the game, you must wait 15 minutes then submit a match protest.

After a Disconnection
After a disconnection you must wait 15 minutes for your opponent to come back online. If they don't come back online you must submit a support ticket explaining what happened. You should never enter a match result after a disconnection.

Rain or Snow
You can't leave a match simply because there is snow or rain - You can ask your opponent nicely if he minds that you restart to match to avoid rain or snow. Quitting the match will result in match deletion and you will be penalized no matter is if it was EA server's fault or not.

Game Freezing
When you experience a match freeze online you need to take picture of the screen showing the score and time in case you need to prove it later on. You need to know that the match will be restarted in case both players don't have proof and result is different.

Scenario 1: If i'm wining 1-0 and in the 40th minute a disconnection occurs, a new match must be played only playing the time remaining on the clock which is 50 minutes (40+50=90) no injury time. If your opponent scores 2 goals within the 50 mins, then he is the winner with the end result as 2-1.

Scenario 2: If the match is tied at 1-1 and in the 80th minute a disconnection occurs, a new match must be played only playing the time remaining on the clock which is 10 minutes (80+10=90) no injury time. If no goals were scored in the 10 minutes of the new match then both players must continue the match until there is a winner. This means that you must completed the entire 90 minutes+ extra time and Penalties if necessary.

Penalty Kicks: In case both players are disconnected during penalty kicks, the player who received the disconnection loss from EA sever is the loser of the match. This rule is to prevent cheaters from intentionally quitting or disconnecting in the middle of penalty kicks.

Changing Teams
You are not allowed to change your mind about the team you selected prior to the disconnection, you must continue the match with the same team. You cannot change teams you must go back into the match with the same team that you had the disconnection with.

* You are not allowed to send a match result if your opponent quits the match and never comes back online, you must send a match protest in the Support Center.

5 Minutes Quit Rule

If the game lags, you must point this out to your opponent before the first 5 in-game minutes have passed. This avoids people from cheating. If a goal is scored within the first 5 minutes you must complete the full match, you cannot disconnect. Repeated disconnections from game will result in a player warning. If no goals are scored before 5 minutes you can quit the match if the connection is laggy or delayed. After 5 minutes have passed you cannot quit.


If you receive a RED CARD during the game and you experience a disconnection. You will need to start a new match and make the same player receive a RED CARD and continue to play from the time remaining on the clock.

Scenario: Barcelona vs France the Barca player Milito receives a RED CARD in the 30th minute of the match and there is a disconnection, you need to start the game over make Milito get a RED CARD and play the remaining minutes in the match which is 60 minutes.

Sending Match Result

Match Result Confirmation
Before you confirm a match loss, it is your responsibility to check the result and proof submitted by your opponent. The result will stay as is if confirmed by you. If the result and proof are invalid please create a ticket right away and let us know.

Tournaments & Playoff

There are two different tournaments played twice a week:

- Free Weekly Tournament (available for all members to join):

This tournament is scheduled every Wednesday & Saturday at 11:00 AM MDT.

A minimum of 8 players for XBOX ONE, and 16 for PS4 required for tournament to take place.

5 ladder pts will be awarded for each round won, and for the tournament winner:

- Premium Weekly Tournament (available for premium members to join):

This tournament is scheduled every Wednesday & Saturday at 1:00 PM MDT (usually right after Free Weekly Tournament finishes).

A minimum of 4 players for XBOX ONE, and 8 for PS4 required for tournament to take place.

5 ladder pts will be awarded for each round won, and for the tournament winner:

Ladder Season Playoff

At the end of each Monthly Ladder Season, the top 8 players on both consoles will compete in a final play-off tournament for the following prizes:

PS4 Awards:

First/Second/Third Place Winners:

XBOX ONE Awards:


Penalty Points & Warnings

Not Confirming Loss: -5 penalty points + Yellow Card
At the end of a match both players must return to, winner sends the match result and the loser has to accept the match result right away unless the opponent won the match unfairly and the loser filled a match protest. Not confirming a match loss is forbidden.

Game Abort/Quitting: -4 penalty points + Yellow Card
If your opponent deliberately leaves the game, you must definitely file a protest. You are not permitted to enter a result yourself. This would be treated as a faking of results. You must wait 15 minutes after the quit/disconnection before submitting a protest.

Forbidden Moves: -5 penalty points + Yellow Card
Goals from kick-off, Backward Pass, and Wasting Time in own half are all considered forbidden moves/cheat/bugs and player will receive penalty points for this action.

Invalid Match Proofs: -4 penalty points + Yellow Card
Match proofs includes all records e.g. demos, screen shots or logos that are generated within the scope of a match.
The faking of match proof is forbidden and is penalized with -4 penalty points dependent on the severity of the case.

Faking Results: -4 penalty points + Yellow Card
for entering a fake game result, e.g. when the game was aborted by the opponent or when you do not wish to play the game. If problems should arise that you can not solve amongst yourselves, a protest must always be filed.

Fake Match: -5 penalty points + Yellow Card
if a match was created for the sole reason of not actually playing but of entering a fake result in order to receive illegitimate points within the ladder.

No-Show: Yellow Card Warning
You will lose the match by 3-0 and if opponent decides to protest then penalty points will be awarded.

Deceiving admin: -10 Penalty Points + Yellow Card
If a player tries to fake a match media of any kind to win a protest by lying to an admin he will receive -5 penalty Points.

Duplicate account: -20 penalty Points + Yellow Card
for have more then one account on the ladder, original account stay in tact the new fake account gets banned.

Insults: All insults that occur in FIFA Leagues will be punished. This mainly includes insults during a match but also insults within the FIFA Leagues web site (match comments, player comments, support- and protest pages, etc.). Insults via IRC, Private Messages, MSN, e-mail or other media will be penalized, providing a connection to the FIFA Leagues is given and provable.

Minor Insult: For using abusive language, calling someone names, swearing and cursing. -2 penalty point + Yellow Card for the first insult.

Extreme Insults: Making racial comments, insulting a family member or threats to do someone bodily harm can lead to strong punishments including exclusion and account deletion. -4 penalty points + Yellow Card (this applies for insulting a player in the same conversation)

Player Suspension
- After obtaining 3 yellow cards: 1 week suspension
- After obtaining 6 yellow cards: 2 weeks suspension
- After obtaining 10 yellow cards: 1 month suspension

Internet Cafes

Internet cafes or similar locations that want to participate in FIFA Leagues have to open a support ticket. They have to inform the admin of their IP-range. All players that want to play from the Internet cafe have to be listed on the homepage. Additionally, the players must be registered with the responsible admin. The Internet cafe is responsible for the correctness of the data and they also have to check the players and to make sure that no other player participates in FIFA Leagues is using the same nickname.

We do not allow same family members to play from 1 single console, both family member are required to have two different console.

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