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Wed, Jan 16, 2019 | 7:59 am (GMT)  Check Timezones
Challenges between top 10 & No-Show rules were updated. Make sure to read them before your next match.


We ask that all FIFA gamers conduct themselves like mature and respectful adults. Our mission is to provide FIFA gamers a place where they can play FIFA and enjoy themselves in a safe and competitive ANTI-CHEAT environment. We do not tolerate player abuse, racial profiling, insults and cheating. Always play fair and treat others like you want to be treated.

Before Joining the Ladder

To get started you will need to read our Ladder rules and Get Starting Guide. You will need to use our FL Messenger to communicate with other registered players.

FIFA Leagues Time Zone

Our time zone is (UTC -07:00) Mountain Time (USA & Canada) (follow the time clock located at the top left corner of the web site).

Forbidden Rules

1. No customized or edited team tactics
2. Must begin with a pass back at after each goal and halfs
3. No time wasting in your own half
4. No quitting if an opponent is found cheating
5. No excessive pausing

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