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Challenges between top 10 & No-Show rules were updated. Make sure to read them before your next match.

Getting Started

How Does it Work?

FIFA Leagues is not a league, we are a ladder based web site where players play each other to be ranked among the best. In order to play a match you must first establish a challenge by asking other player. After both players confirmed the challenge, both players meet online inside Online Friendlies mode. At the end of the match both players come back to the site, the winner reports the result & the loser confirms right away from Match Center.

The points that you earn from a match depends on the player's positions at the time of the scheduled challenge. Our ladder season is monthly, at the end of a season we take the top 16 players and place them into a playoff for a chance to win the cash prizes.

Step 1 - Challenging a Player

Using our FL Messenger, ask other players for a ladder match on PS3 or XBOX 360. If they agree, you can challenge them from the list of Players Online by clicking on the challenge icon located at the right side-bar of the site.

Step 2 - Meeting Place

From the FIFA game menu select Online Friendlies > New Friendly Season > Select Opponent PSN > Friendly Settings

Tip #1: The challenger is responsible for sending the game invite.
Tip #2: With your mobile phone, take a photo of your screen after each goal scored to avoid getting cheated.
Tip #3: If possible record your matches using the PS4 Share function for every match - this is your BEST PROOF if anything goes wrong.
Tip #4: In case of a draw, you will need to replay the full match until there is a winner.

Step 3 - Entering Match Results

Who Reports the Match?:

Match Center: This is where you can Accept, Send, Protest and Confirm all your matches and challenges. When you challenge an opponent he will receive an alert in his/hers Match Center, he/she will then be able to accept or decline the challenge.

*In case of a draw you will need to reconnect and replay a full match. If you do not reconnect you forfeit the match.

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