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Challenges between top 10 & No-Show rules were updated. Make sure to read them before your next match.


Fair Play

We ask that all participants conduct themselves like mature and respectful adults. The main focus of FIFA Leagues is to provide FIFA gamers from all over the world with a place where they can play FIFA and enjoy themselves in a safe and competitive ANTI-CHEAT environment. We do not tolerate player abuse, racial profiling, insults and cheating, always play fair and treat others like you want to be treated.

Participation Requirements

1. You must be able to play the entire tournament
2. Read the rules and respect them
5. Must follow the tournament deadlines, times and dates
6. No-Show will be penalized
7. Your Online Ports must be open or DMZ mode must be enable to connect to anyone online.

Tournament Format

- Single elimination
- One match against opponent

Round Times/Dates/Time Zone

The round times and dates are listed on the bracket page. Our time zone is UK GMT Time

Team Selection

You can play with international or club teams example: Arsenal vs France, France vs France, Arsenal vs Arsenal. The use of special teams are prohibited (you cannot play with All Star or World XI teams).

Meeting Place

All participants must meet in the Match-up Lobby (chat room) 15 minutes before match. It is your responsibility to make sure that your consoles are properly setup with an online connection and proper patches installed. We will not tolerate delay!

Forbidden Rules

- No customized or edited team tactics.
- No live season, must turn live season off
- Kick-off: must begin with a backward pass
- No time wasting in your own half
- No quitting if an opponent is found cheating
- No excessive pausing
- No skipping of match intro (this will allow you to see if opponent is cheating)
- For complete rules click here.

A video proof is required when protesting about time wasting, backward pass and match freeze.

- For complete rules click here.

Player Confirmation

All participants must confirm/check-in with the tournament admin before match time, fail to confirm with admin will result in player elimination.


All participants are given 10 minutes to play their matches after each round is available, after those 10 minutes are up you must confirm with the tournament admin letting him know that your opponent is not present, then the player who is missing will be punished with a FORFEIT LOSS.

Match Report

At the end of the match both players must return to Match-up Lobby Chat Room, the winner lets the cup admin know the score and the loser has to confirm. In case the loser is not present, the winner can provide a link to his stats from

Playing My Match

1. All matches must be played in Online Friendlies.
2. In case of a draw you will need to continue the match until there is a winner.
3. The top player in bracket is the home team (match host).
4. No challenges required, just agree where to meet-up and play.

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