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International FIFA Online Gaming Leagues, FIFA Leagues
Making You Better Since 2001

International FIFA Online Gaming Leagues, FIFA Leagues, was founded in 2001 by Freedom Gaming, LLC with a primary goal of becoming the premiere center for free online soccer gaming tournaments for prizes worldwide. The league attracts both seasoned veterans of online competitive gaming, as well as casual gamers. The FIFA Leagues’ structure has been modeled after several highly popular sports organizations such as the NFL NHL and NBA.

Beginning with a single season of just 10 players, FIFA Leagues has since grown to host over 7,000 active users competing on 3 different platforms (PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3) participating from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. In FIFA Leagues you will find many exciting features such as ladders, seasons, tournaments, challenge cups, regional qualifiers and more with prizes and awards ranging from monetary to sponsored product.

FIFA Leagues was the first online sports gaming league to form regular structured seasons complete with a pre-season, regular season and playoffs. In addition, FIFA Leagues was the first league to introduce integrated point systems, king of the hill statuses, live broadcasted matches, tutorials, detailed standings pages and ant-piracy campaigns.

FIFA Leagues is continually looking into the future and consistently demonstrates why it is the standard for all other online sports gaming leagues in the world. With FIFA Leagues having already expanded to include divisions for games in Europe, Asia and South America, FIFA Leagues is looking forward to providing the best free online experience to players around the world.

Working with its strategic partners, FIFA Leagues is continually improving the online experience for its members by continually offering more dynamic features such as a pregame matchup lobby, a live support ticket system, chat networks and practice tools.

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